Coastal Plains Church is founded on a set of values that we believe will enable us to live in a perpetual state of loving our city with the love of Christ.  The mission is always the same, but the method must change to reach each new generation.  We believe that these values will ensure that we are always loving those who are with us, and pursuing those who have yet to join the family.

It’s All About Jesus

We align our passions with Jesus’ passions.

Less Is More

It’s about quality, not quantity.

We Tell The Truth

We won’t weigh you down with our opinions.

Our Prayer Provides Power

We will stay connected to our power source through active prayer lives.

Integrity And Holiness Still Mean Something

We strive to be above reproach.

We Honor God By Honoring Others

We regard one another as more important than ourselves.

All Good Gifts Come From God

We will live a life of thanks for His blessings on us.

Healthy Things Grow

We seek to multiply, not maintain.

Serving Is A Sign of Growth

Growing Christians serve God and others.

We Dream God-Sized Dreams

We don’t just talk about faith, we live by it.

We Will Worship Like We Believe

We will praise our God passionately.